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Belize Sailing - Caribbean Luxury Yacht Charter Vacations.

At sunset or sunrise, enjoy the rich variety of meals served with a local flavor, on your seaside terrace. Gourmet dining prepared by your personal chef, includes fresh bread, fish, tropical fruits and vegetables. There is a large menu selection that provides you with
Seaside Gourmet Dining- Ultimate Caribbean Yacht Charter  Experience
a variety of choices and refreshments. Of course we offer an open standard bar of local rum, wine, beer, juices and soft drinks that are graciously served all day, any time you like. Enjoy your gourmet Caribbean sailing charter dining experience. Aubisque guest dining rated 5 stars.
Breakfast Menu
  • Selection of Belizean Tropical Yogurts with Granola and Fresh Fruit
  • Papaya or Mango Pancakes served with Belizean Crispy Butt Bacon
  • Omelets Made to Order with Bacon or Sausages-
    Guest favorite is the Caribbean lobster with garlic, peppers, onions, shallots and cheese
  • Breakfast is served with fresh fruit; breads, island jams and a selection of beverages including our famous Belizean coffee as well as Espresso for that early morning jump-start

Lunch Menu
  • Caribbean Lobster or Shrimp Mango Pineapple Salad with fresh Basil & Mint
  • Marinated Chicken Kebabs served with Yogurt Cucumber Sauce & Taboule Salad
  • Belizean Black Bean Soup-
    Prepared with garlic, ginger, onions, Italian sausage assorted vegetables, Sherry wine served with fresh Belizean garlic bread
  • Belizean Deli Sandwiches-
    A variety of cold cuts, breads, mustards and Belizean sauces served with pasta salad and banana chips
  • All lunches are served with fresh fruit and selection of desserts
  • Gourmet picnic lunches available for scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, sailing and island adventure outings.

Hors D'ourves
  • Caribbean Lobster or Conch Ceviche with fresh made Tortilla Chips
  • Belizean Empanadas served with Spicy Mango Pepper Salsa
  • Belizean Smoked Beef Brisket-
    Served with capers, chopped onions, toasted bread and a horseradish cream sauce

Dinner Menu
  • Gingered Shrimp & Mushrooms with Vanilla Pasta-
    An unusual and delicious dish, inspired by the chef at the Capital Hotel in London's Knightsbridge
  • Park Avenue Lobster-
    This wonderful dish is from Panchita's Aphrodisiac Recipes published in Isabel Allende's book "Aphrodite"
  • Belizean Stone Crab with Melted Butter & Mustard Sauce-
    This culinary delight is inspired by Steven Raichlen published in "Miami Spice"
  • All dinners are served with one or more salads, pasta, rice, vegetables, bread or vegetables
Aubisque guest dining rated 5 stars

  • Belizean Rum Cake topped with Marinated Cinnamon Rum Pineapple
  • Caribbean Coconut Flan
  • Chocolate Rum Brownies A La Mode

* If you would prefer other alcohol selection than the local rum (Belize One Barrel Rum has won first place in International Rum Tasting for the past 3 years), please let us know so we can stock the bar to your preference. There is a charge for additional liquor.

Seaside Gourmet Dining - Ultimate Caribbean Yacht Charter Experience.